Ladies Auxiliary | 2014 Year in Review

Well, we made it through another year!

There were no meetings in January, February and March. We did help out at the Fish Fry dinners, which again, were successful!

In April, though, we had TWO meetings!

We introduced a prospective new member, Tina Stewart. We congratulated, Susan Cronk, on her marriage to Steven Dembling. She is still waiting for the official card though! Discussion about purchasing new dress uniforms, was held. Katy offered to look into this. We also paid half of the tuition, for Victoria Carl, to attend the Phoenix Fire Camp for Women. Victoria attended the camp and had a wonderful experience.

At our second April meeting, we entertained the idea of a Women’s Expo, Topless Car wash and were measured for our new dress uniforms. We also filled plastic eggs for the Easter egg hunt. We helped at the Hunt, and all of the children had a great time gathering eggs.

In May, we served sandwiches to the fire department, at a signal 30 fire. We also discussed the Women’s Expo again and a committee was formed to bring back ideas. We drafted changes to our Constitution and by-Laws. We marched in the Memorial Day parade, wearing our new uniforms, and won, for Best Auxiliary.

There was no regular meeting in June, but we went to the Pump House, for our annual dinner outing. A good time was had by all!

In July, we supported our own Sweets and Treats booth, at the fair. Thank you to everyone who helped. We earned more money than any past years!

In September, we decided to try to donate our old dress uniforms to another Auxiliary. We also continued discussion about the Expo, Open house for the Fire Department and a new event, the Punkintown Scare.

In October, we helped with the Fire Department Open House, discussed the Expo and decided to hold a cocktail party for our 50th Anniversary, instead of the Expo. We also provided food for the 1st Annual Punkintown Scare, which was a huge success. Over 150 attended on the first night. It was also suggested that the auxiliary, go bowling or to a Paint n Sip.

In November, we discussed the upcoming Tea with Mrs. Claus, our own Holiday Party, and a slate of officers for 2015 was presented. There was no one running for the office of President. Much discussion followed. More participation by members, at Auxiliary events is needed.

December, brought our 7th annual Tea with Mrs. Claus, with a “Frozen” theme. This event was a huge success with all of the children singing “Let it Go”, as loud as they could! What a Happy day! We also, held our Holiday party, at the Unser home. Beautifully decorated for the Holidays. We sang with Kenny, enjoyed some delicious food, laughed with our Chinese grab bag and had lots of great conversation.

Well, a busy year, has come to an end. What will 2015 bring?? We look forward to celebrating the 50th Anniversary of our Auxiliary. Fifty years!!! What wonderful friends we have made, and great accomplishments! When the auxiliary was founded, Women were not allowed to be a fire Department member. Ladies, could not join the Auxiliary, until after their Husband, Father, brother or son, was an active member for 6 months. We have come a long way Ladies! Let’s not forget or lose what we have.

Robin L Shufelt, Historian

Our Meetings

The Ladies Auxiliary holds monthly meetings 10 months out of the year. They do not have official meetings in July and August as they are busy working on the Fair.  Please contact President Shirley Unser (439-1303) or Vice President Katy Carl (765-3229) if you have an interest in joining the Auxiliary.