Ladies Auxiliary | 2015 Year in Review

In January, we elected new officers. President, Katy Carl; Vice President, Brook Rowley; Secretary. Robin Shufelt and Treasurer, Lindsay Martin. Members were asked to chair an event for the year. Katy chose the Fish fry dinners, Robin the 50th Anniversary, Sue Gruss the Egg Hunt, Paula our annual outing, Neighborhood picnic Sue Dembling who contacted Ellen to co-chair, Fair booth Lindsay, FD open house Brook, Scare Patti and Mrs. Claus Tea Shirley. This plan worked out very well.

Shirley reported that the theme Frozen was a huge hit for the Tea in 2014.

In February we began to hold our Fish Fry nights. These were a huge success as usual!! Some regular dues to our County and State Auxiliaries were paid and discussion continued about the anniversary celebration.

March brought the Installation banquet, held at Shaker Ridge Country Club. The Historian read a brief history of our past 50 years and the Fire Department presented all Auxiliary members with a long stem rose and beautiful silver charm bracelet. There was no regular meeting.

In April, We celebrated our 50th Anniversary with a catered event at the fire house. Six of our original charter members attended. We also had some members from the Voorheesville and Onesquethaw Auxiliaries. We received Congratulations from President O’Bama, the Town of New Scotland and the Albany county Legislature. It was a lovely evening, with many stories from the past told by the Charter members. At our regular meeting, Shirley reported that the Pine Bush Auxiliary in Orange County would love to have our old uniforms. Delivery was arranged thru Patti Thompson and Volley ball. A donation was made to the Carbondale FD in Colorado, in memory of Kathryn, who was the daughter of Kay Wright, a Veteran and Charter member of the Auxiliary.

In May Katy reported that a donation, in Sandy Carl’s name, was received from a school mate of Sandy’s. An ornamental item will be purchased in the spring in Sandy’s name. We congratulated Paula and Marty Finkle on becoming first time Grandparents and Tami McDonald, a former member, on obtaining her registered nurse degree. Katy ordered a Banner Announcing our 50th anniversary year, to be used at the Parade, Anniversary Party, Fair and Neighborhood picnic. At the end of the month, we held a brief Memorial service at the fire house, and then marched in the Memorial Day parade in Voorheesville. The Auxiliary, again receiving an award!

In June, we opened the meeting, while enjoying cocktails at Maple On the Lake. Discussion about our auxiliary booth at the fair included a sign up list and further discussion about our auxiliary hosting the Neighborhood picnic in August. We all enjoyed a lovely dinner and laughter!

July brought the Fair and lots of baking. It also brought sadness with the sudden passing of Auxiliary member Susan Braun Cronk Dembling. After attending Susan’s Mass at St Matthew’s Church, we helped with a luncheon for her friends and family at the fire house. Susan will be missed and a tree or bush will be planted in the spring, at the fire house garden, in her Memory.

In August, we purchased a new grill, for the Fire Department. This will be used at the Neighborhood Picnic and locked in the storage room. The Picnic went well and a good time playing bingo was had by all.

October brought a signal 30 fire that the auxiliary responded to with food and well appreciated popsicles!! We also had another successful Punkintown Scare. Not much help was had except from outside the Department, so Katy will evaluate and determine if there will be another. It was decided to purchase a large locked cabinet, to hold our growing collection of Tea, egg hunt and scare decorations. The cabinet will be purchased after the storage room is cleaned and organized. The fire department also held their annual open house. The Auxiliary helped with refreshments and information about the fire department and auxiliary.

In November, we welcomed a new member, Stephany McKinley. A poem was read to remember the people lost in Paris, France. We all need to treasure each and every day here with our families and friends.

December brought Tea with Mrs. Claus, this year’s theme was The North Pole. There was a Reindeer food table near a very large gingerbread house, lovely candy cane place cards and of course delicious tea sandwiches. Desert was yummy cupcakes with candy canes on top. Of course, Santa arrived with gifts for all the children, after Mrs. Claus read stories and questioned the children about Santa. Another lovely, warm and fuzzy day spent with the children and our members. Many also attended the Fire Department Holiday party, held at Orchard Creek CC. to which Voorheesvile Fire Department was also invited. The Auxiliary also had their annual holiday party, at the home of Robin Shufelt. Several of our Charter members were able to attend. Officers were elected for 2016, President Brook Rowley, Vice President Stephany McKinley, Secretary Robin Shufelt and Treasurer Patti Thompson. Congratulations to all. After some wine and finger foods, our Chinese grab bag was held.. The usual taking back went around and finally the last package was opened. There was one special package that was left and may reappear sometime during the year!! Don’t anyone tell!!

So, our 50th year of the Auxiliary comes to an end. Lots of fun and celebration was had, along with some sad times. But, isn’t that really how life goes??? I guess it’s a reminder to tell those that you love, that you love them often and to really appreciate each and every day. We also need to appreciate the special bond that we ladies of the auxiliary have with each other, the bond that continues now after 50 years.

Respectfully Submitted

Robin L Shufelt, Historian

Our Meetings

The Ladies Auxiliary holds monthly meetings 10 months out of the year. They do not have official meetings in July and August as they are busy working on the Fair.  Please contact President Shirley Unser (439-1303) or Vice President Katy Carl (765-3229) if you have an interest in joining the Auxiliary.